Saturday, August 10, 2013

Initial Operation Birthday Purchasing Sneak Peaks!

So anyone who knows our toddler is not surprised that ELMO is of course his birthday theme. And he is ecstatic! Over the baby monitor every morning since we began the planning of his party, we hear "Elmo bertday" repeated over and over. All day long he talks about "baby bertday," "elmo bertday party," and of course "Elmo bertday take." I made the mistake of buying the cake mix early and when he spots it in the kitchen, Emmett has a mini meltdown about having his Elmo "bertday" now, to which I reply, "Baby, we have to wait." He hates waiting.

AAAANYWHO!!! I have created an initial budget for our party, which is not much, but enough to make a great party for ours and Emmett's friends while still leaving enough for a few adorable gifts:).

My initial purchases include:

  • Streamers
  • Sesame Street B-day banner
  • "Crayon" candles, no.2 candle
  • Invites 
  • Mason jars for kids' drinks
  • Felt, ribbon and bracelets for Tyler's and my character outfits
  • Etsy- surprise (adorable) favors!
  • Red posterboard for Elmo sign
There will definitely be photos of the end result, but I couldn't wait to post a lil' somthin' somthin' about Emmett's b-day adventure!!!!

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