Thursday, August 15, 2013

A mini spiritual tidbit of my life

So, I have this problem sometimes. This problem that exists constantly but I only recognize it in my quiet moments every now and then when God's trying to get my attention. He wants me to recognize that He is there for me always. Yeah, yeah, that sounds like a given to a lot of people. But I mean He's reeeeally there for me. Like when everything is awful, and when everything is amazing. He's still there.

I forget to seek Him out when I feel like I'm so anxious I'm just gonna fall apart. I forget to thank Him when I'm so happy I must be about to burst at the seams. I don't forget about Him, I forget that he is right there with me. Going through my junk with me, or celebrating right alongside me.

When something AMAZING happens, I tend to feel that I somehow made that thing come about all on my own, and that I don't have anyone to thank but myself. And every now and then, I catch myself. Why do I tend to only remember to thank God for Who He is when everything is just normal, blah-blah?? Why shouldn't I recognize that every blessing along the way is sent from Him, even if that blessing was something I worked for?? Or that even when things are falling apart, or seem to be, He's still there with me offering whatever comfort I'll accept from Him?

It's sooooo easy to remember that He's there and with me when everything is normal and I'm not worried, or anxious, or overly excited. The times when I can send up a quick, "Hey there, things are pretty good down here." Then suddenly...poof! REAL LIFE happens and all I can think about are my overpowering emotions of joy or sadness. I want, more than anything, to get to a point in which I recognize Him! Always, in every situation, I desire my first thought conscious though to be of Him. He is so much more worthy than anything else I could devote my mind to. Or my time, or my life.

That is what I want. To think of Him always. I'm trying to get there.
Let's see where this goes:)

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