Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thoughts on toddler education

I have recently become very interested in early childhood education, mostly, and obviously, because of the age of my child. Emmett is coming up on his second birthday and that means a year from now he will (most likely) be in a preschool of some sort! That thought is crazy, but also super exciting! His superabsorbent mind will have an even more complex environment! (I feel like being home with me all the time may not be the most interesting thing ever.)

On this topic, I have been reading about the Montessori way of things and its history. Besides being very intriguing, I feel that I personally agree with lots of concepts introduced by the practice. So basically, I have been subtely introducing some of the Montessori concepts into our home to see how Emmett responds to them. It turns out, I had already been kind of Montessori-esque with the ways I did some things. Like having "works" for your child in the kitchen, and having a special spot for the child in every room of the house. So I think that transitioning into these methods more systematically and consistently wouldn't be that big a leap for me.

I am currently changing up my toddler's room into a more on-topic setting, and will post photos of the redo! (I'm spending very little, if any, on the redo. It's really not that big of a thing!)

Talk soon!!!

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