Thursday, August 8, 2013

Toddler Mumbo-Jumbo Cuteness!

So I haven't been on here in forever, but so many things are different that I feel the need to record a few new things in our lives.
Firstly, some baby adorableness. Spoilers: bubble toes, "bippers" and lots of "whop!"!!!

So here's the bubba stuff. It's the cutest. It's all I really want to talk about anyway;) So my little baby is so independent and free-thinking these days. He morphed from a slightly-confused-about-the-world one-year-old into a 22 month old who talks about everything in two- to three-word sentences.  Whew! that's a lot of hyphens. Aaaaanyways, little Bubba repeats everything and absolutely loves learning new words. The latest adorable vocab adventures have been the most fun. For instance, one night while Daddy was bathing the little man, Hubby told the baby that he needed to wash his toes and get all the bubbles off, spurring a bought of "bubble toes!!!" that lasted several rounds.

Additionally, the other morning while changing Bubba's overnight diaper he grabbed my slipper and I decided to teach him a more specific term for the so-called "shoe." This inspired the cutest little "Momma's bipper" that you ever did hear. I just had to record this because I NEVER want to forget how my baby sounds right now! Never!!!
Other insanely cute pronunciations include: "ic-ky bapper," "bup," and "Momma's bootee" (<<anyone care to guess that one???).

Lastly, there's "whop." Whop has become ubiquitous in our household now; wherein Tyler and I use the term to mean "whoops" or "uh-oh" though that's not it's original definition. That is how our toddler pronounces, "ribbit!" This leads into one of the cutest stories of all time. I wasn't there to witness it but the retelling of the story by Tyler makes me laugh incredibly hard anyway. One morning when Daddy was changing the baby's diaper, while the baby was in his docile, quiet state, and all of a sudden he straightens his legs out and "boings" them out like a frog (who is lying on its back on a changing table). When Daddy asks, "Baby, what was that?," the baby replies with a simple, "Whop" (in his sleepy, deep voice no less). My baby's morning brain is hilarious. 

Here are a few cute photos from a few months back, I'm going to try to update more often. I love that this is like a digital diary of my baby/toddler cuteness!:)

April--- Cute bedtime pitifulness 

April----playing violin with Papa!

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