Monday, August 12, 2013

The Liberry!

 So we've been having so much fun this summer! Emmett is at this adorable stage in development during which ANYTHING can be an amazing opportunity to play and/or learn. One thing we've been doing regularly is attending our library's toddler story time. This is one of the highlights of our week always. They do an amazing job reading five or six books, breaking each up with a song and dance combo. The kids love it! The part that just puts it over the edge of awesomeness is that, unlike most other educational/learning settings, the kids have free range of the room! This means that we're not having to force the kids to sit and listen, they listen when they decide to. This may make it sound like it's chaotic constantly, but it's so not! The kids become interested on their own;)

Anywhoooo, last week was the summer reading book club PARTAAAYY! We didn't actually read any of the books for the club, but we crashed the party anyways. Whoops. But it was sooooo worth it!

There was a performer there. You know those guys who randomly just love performing for kids so they sing and sometimes do magic or make balloon animals? The kind of jobs where you're like, "who actually wants to be this when they grow up?" kind of thing. Either way, they had one of those guys. And he was super funny! He sang this hilarious song using drums and a ukulele and a few other instruments (that he would play and record live so he could play them all back together). It was a teach-me-how-to-hula kind of song and one of the dads in the audience volunteered to stand up and do it in front of everyone. We were doing all the motions and loving every minute. Can't wait to go back next week for playtime and more BOOOOOKS!

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