Monday, October 14, 2013

Toddler Owl costume Wings How-To (sort of)

 So in my not-very-needle & thread-inclined world, this was a pretty big deal for me. Not only did I actually hand stitch fabrics together, but I didn't follow any directions! This makes me sound like I can do a lot more than I actually can. The sewing job was pathetic, but you can't see it!;) I got the jist of this idea from A Beautiful Mess.


One larger piece of fabric was the foundation for the wings (cut into a double wing shape). Followed by attaching half-oval shaped feathers in an overlapping pattern (I used a combo of fabric glue with a simple stitch over it for extra security; hot glue would be perfect but I didn't have a glue gun at the time!).

I sewed a quick hem at the top and slipped the ribbon through. So easy that even someone who has never sewed before can do this. Different colored "feathers" would be awesome, as well as "real" feathers from a craft store. Go to town!!!

The end result was pretty adorable. I'm going for a cutesy, happy-go-lucky style. These wings will be paired with red sneakers and khaki cords. It's such a fun combination!

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