Thursday, October 10, 2013

2nd Birthday!!! Elmo is here! (much belated entry!)

Our little guy's second birthday party was such a hit. With all this adorableness:)

 These mason jars with straws was probably my favorite touch. Soooo cute, and adults loved them too!

Above, is all the stuff I stayed up untill 4 am working on. Including the character t-shirts below! Soooo much fabric glue. I never want to use it again. But the end results were worth it;)

Some blurry action shots, but worth adding in here! Emmett had a blast and loved all his gifts. 


.....required a strong dose of recuperation immediately following.

Pretty much one of the cutest days with our little guy thus far. We'll never forget that day! Especially since he's been singing "happy birthday to you" on a daily basis ever since.

Ta ta, for now!

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