Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hideously annoying injuries!

So in the span of one day, I closed my one-year-old's finger in our bathroom door, and stubbed my toe on our wooden baby gate.

Both of these injuries are incredibly annoying (there's not a cool story behind them), yet surprisingly painful (much crying and ice-pack holding occurred).

Closing Bubba's finger in the door was, of course, more traumatizing for me than him. As soon as I did it I freaked out but definitely went into action mode. After the creepy blue, squished swelling went down (after a good 20+ minutes of forcing an ice pack onto a very uncooperative baby), I could tell Bubba's little pinky wasn't broken and therefore the worst was behind us.

As for my toe, which was brutally attacked by the baby gate just a mere two hours status-yet-to-be-determined. There are no odd colors, lumpiness or crazy swelling happening....but I can do longer put my full weight on my stinkin' foot!

Why, oh, why can such silly injuries be so debilitating??? Tell me your silliest injuries, or just giggle at mine. Either way, leave some love<3

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