Tuesday, September 18, 2012

why I'm starting my own blog!

After my Bubba was born last September, I slowly discovered that there are TONS of moms on YouTube and blog sites chatting it up and discussing their lives from the day-to-day SAHM stuff to fashion and beauty. These moms inspire me!
At the time I was having a difficult go at the stay-at-home-mommy lifestyle. Having always worked part time and been a full-time student, I was not used to the new pace of things! Taking care of a newborn was waayyy harder than I ever imagined. I didn't fall into a good groove of things until my Bubba was almost a year! Which was just this month:-O That was just my pace.... slow and steady. A lot of women take on the new role as mommy quickly and seamlessly, and that just wasn't me.
Mooooving on! I realized these other mommies love their lives, even though things are much, much different for them now that they are parents. They make lemonade out of their lemons, and make jokes out of the silliness that ensues! "Why can't I be like that?", I thought.
Well, this is me finally stepping up and deciding to be like that! I'm (finally) embracing my new life as a mommy and I'm loving it!

Similar stories?? I want to hear them! I want to also shout out to two mommies who have made my life grand! Marie and Louise!!!! Please check out their blogs! And if Louise and Marie are reading this now, You have helped make me a happier person!:)

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